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Blogger vs WordPress! Which is best for Blogging

Hello friends, welcome to my other new post today. Many people have this confusion nowadays that on which platform they should make their blog so that they do not have any problem and even on social media, almost all those people who start blogging, at once ask everyone that I want to do my blogging. On whom should I make a blog? So today we will also discuss this topic and know in detail which of the WordPress Aur Blogger is a good platform, in which you will not face any problem later.

If seen, both WordPress and Blogger are good platforms for blogging, the only difference is that WordPress is easy to manage, and to use Blogger, you should know a little bit of coding and designing so that you can manage it well.

If you want to do blogging for a long time, then I will tell you that you should make your blog on WordPress itself. Let us clear this confusion of yours and first know what is the difference between WordPress and blogger?

What is the difference between WordPress and Blogger?

1 Blogger is a free product of google, which does not charge any but you have to pay hosting charges to use WordPress.

2 Creating a blog on Blogger is easy but difficult to manage but in the case of WordPress it does not happen, you just have to have hosting.

3 In WordPress, you can easily customize it by using a plugin, but this does not happen in Blogger.

So friends, first of all let us know what are the benefits of using the Blogger platform?

HTTPS Security

Any user of WordPress always wants that his blog should be and should be open with HTTPS security. If you also want to create a blog on WordPress, then you have to take an SSL certificate for the blog, which you will get seven for your hosting, for this you also have to pay the extra charge.

But if you want, you can also get free ssl in wordpress, you can get information about it by clicking here but if you use blogger then you do not need all this. Blogger is already very secure, so hacking it is almost an impossible task.

Therefore, the biggest advantage of using blogger is that google itself will give security to your blog, for which you do not need to take any kind of tension and you blog will always be open with https.

If you are a new blogger then you probably do not know what is the difference between http and https. I will tell you about this further, but you should know that it is very important for your blog.

Extra Tip – Blogger is better than WordPress in terms of security, you can use it without any hassle!

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If it is a product of Google, then what is the tension?

As I told you earlier that security is most important for the blog, so no one wants to take the risk in its case. If you have also selected a blogger for your blog, then you can use it without fear because a blogger is a product of google.

Any product of google is always the most secure and successful. I have always considered every product of google to be excellent and today millions of people use some or the other product of google. Google secures the blogger itself and hosts itself, so you neither need to take hosting nor get it renewed. Just create your blog and get started.

Easy Setup

“Big bloggers always say that if you are new then you should start your blogging with blogger”

Why so ?

The answer is its easy setup. Creating a blog on Blogger is so easy that you do not need to have any technical knowledge for this. If you want, you can start your blog in just 5 minutes and also publish your first post in 1 minute.

Isn’t it easy! Yes, it is really very easy to create a blog on blogger.

To start your blogging on blogger, you only need to have your gmail account and you can create your blog by following some steps. You can get complete information about how to create a free blog on blogger by clicking here and if you want to create your own free blog on wordpress then you can create one by clicking here.

Free Service Means No Charge

Many services of google are available for free, blogger is also one of them and if you are a new blogger and want to learn the nuances of blogging, then you can easily learn about it well by creating a blog on blogger.

Apart from this, being a product of google, you also get help from google as the link of your site is also automatically indexed in google, you do not need to do anything.

In wordpress you have to pay for every year and if you do not pay the charge then your hosting is suspended and your blog also gets deleted so if you want to avoid all this and understand blogging well then You should use blogger’s free service.

Apart from this, you are going to get many benefits by having free service, which you will be able to understand better while using it.

So, friends, these were some important benefits of using blogger platform, let us now know that if you use blogger then it is very important to know about the disadvantages that you can have-

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You probably know very well that it is very important for you to have a Gmail account to access any product of google, similarly if you want to use blogger then you must have your own Gmail account without Gmail. You cannot create a blog on Blogger. Click here to read the complete information about how to create a Gmail account. To get complete information about how important a Gmail account is for a blogger, you must read this post of ours, which will definitely prove to be of great use to you.

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One good thing here is that if you use any product of google, it is almost impossible to hack it. Means to say google can never be hacked. Yes there is one thing that if someone gets your password from somewhere then he can hack your blog.

Secondly, if you want to avoid all this, then you should always enable 2step verification in your gmail account and try all the ways you can keep gmail safe.

This is to say that if your password goes to someone, then he can delete your blog in no time or he can do whatever he wants in your blog and apart from this there is also a drawback that apart from this And there is no login method so that we can turn off gmail login.

Can’t use the plugin

The plugin has the most important role in the WordPress blog. If you have the right plugin, then you can easily do your work without doing anything, that too in a 200% fast way. In blogger, you have to do everything on your own and many things have to be set manually.

You cannot in any way use some such technique in blogger which is available in WordPress. I explain to you how? Suppose you have to place AdSense ads in your blog. If you want to do this work in blogger then you have to manually paste the code in your theme or HTML section of the post which is a difficult task, if you want to do the same thing in WordPress then just install a plugin and easily where Whether you can put the code.

Apart from this, many things are easily done in WordPress which are not in blogger. I think its biggest drawback is this, so I never used blogger because it is not easy to manage blogger.

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Can be a problem to manage

As I mentioned above, it is not easy to manage bloggers and that’s why I never used them for myself. You need a lot of experience to manage a blogger, that too in that situation when you are really very serious about blogging.

It means to say that blogger is the first school of blogging from where you can learn a lot and learn to manage it, but if you want to stay on blogger for a long time then you should have complete knowledge about it otherwise you There can be a lot of problem in managing it.

It is necessary to have basic knowledge of coding

If you want to do blogging then it is very important for you to have knowledge of basic coding, but if you want to do blogging on blogger then you have to do this work very important. The thing is simple that it is not easy to do any work without knowledge, but if you learn then blogging becomes easy for you.

Blogger comes with a lot of coding and if you want to make any changes, then you have to do it somewhere through code and if there is any mistake in any code then there may be problem in your theme. The same if you use wordpress, then you do not know coding, yet you can manage it because all the work becomes very easy with the plugin in wordpress.

So friends, in my view, these were some basic problems, due to which you could have come to manage blog on blogger, apart from this, you may have many more problems and for some people who have been working on blogger for a long time. Maybe even this problem is very minor.

Well it happened, let’s talk about the advantages and disadvantages of blogger, now let us know that if you use wordpress then what are the benefits to you.

Very easy to Install

You probably know that WordPress is the name of the software and if you want to make your blog on WordPress then you need hosting for it. If you have to host then you can install WordPress.

Installing WordPress is a very easy task, some hosting company even offers you to install WordPress in 1 click. Just install WordPress in one click and start blogging.

Apart from this, if you use a computer or laptop, then you can manage WordPress from the same by installing WordPress software.

You can read the information of some work by opening the link given below-

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WordPress has its own(user) control

If you have control over anything then what to say about it! The same is the case in WordPress. WordPress is not like a blogger at all because the blogger itself is hosted by Google, whereas we can set up WordPress on our own.

Everything is open in WordPress. We can use WordPress as we want, whenever we want, that’s why I like WordPress very much and should be. Secondly, there are many other ways to control WordPress which are not available in blogger.

Whether you see any big blogger, they all use WordPress and I myself consider WordPress to be the best for blogging because I manage it according to what I want.

The free plugin makes work easy

The use of WordPress has two options – free plugin and paid plugin. But the best thing is that there are options in it. With the help of the plugin, you can manage WordPress very easily and you can do great work in no time, due to which everyone loves WordPress.

WordPress has many free plugins like – jetpack and Yoast SEO. You will find many other tools of similar use in it, which makes your work very easy.

If you talk about plugins, then if you have installed both the above-mentioned plugins in WordPress, then you can be blogging even if you do not have basic knowledge of WordPress.

Similarly, there are many paid plugins that make WordPress even easier and more fun.

Can install automatic backup

Self control means everything in your hands. Both security and backup are very important for your blog. If you are a user of WordPress, then you can easily download the backup of your blog with the help of a great plugin.

If you wish that you do not have to do anything and the backup of your blog is downloaded automatically, then you will also get this feature in WordPress. How is this, you can get complete information about how to do a daily backup of the blog by clicking here and if you want to download the entire data of your WordPress offline, then you can get information by clicking here.

Apart from this, there are only advantages of using WordPress and I do not think that anyone will have any problem in using WordPress. If we talk about the disadvantages of using WordPress, then its biggest and only disadvantage is that there is a lot of WordPress hacks and if you use good security then you will not even have this problem.

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So friends, after reading this post of mine, now you must have also agreed that which platform you have to use for blogging. If I talk about it, I will always tell you that you should take good hosting and start your blog on WordPress. I also told you in my earlier post that I had never used blogger.

And for this reason, today I consider WordPress to be the best. If we talk about the difference between the two, then the biggest difference is that blogger is a free platform and you have to spend money to use WordPress.

I hope you liked my today’s post “Which is the best platform in WordPress Aur Blogger”. You must share this post of mine with your friends on social media so that they too can have a good knowledge about it.



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