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What is Google AdSense and how to use it (NewBie Only)

Hello friends, welcome to this topic related to Google Adsense. Friends, in today’s topic, we will talk about what Google AdSense is and how it should be used so that we too can earn money online from it. Friends, you also know very well that blogging is a very good topic to earn money online. You can make a good income by using High CPC Keywords in Google AdSense.

What is Google AdSense and how to use it (NewBie Only)
What is Google AdSense and how to use it (NewBie Only)

So friends, if you are reading this post of mine, then surely you must also be using Adsense. Today we will talk on this topic that if you want to use AdSense for a long time, then what should you do about it.

Why am I saying that if you want to use AdSense for a long time, then what should you do?

The reason I say this is that many users miss out on AdSense, due to which their AdSense account is disabled in no time. But I believe that if you want to earn income, then you should never go on any shortcut path, always walk straight, only then you will be successful.

You also know that AdSense is a product of Google and you know very well that it is impossible to cheat google, then why do you intentionally cheat with adsense, someday you will be caught. But not all users are the same, here there are some people who read this post whose adsense account has just been approved, so they probably know very little about adsense, so today I will tell you how to use adsense. What should be done? But first of all let me tell you in Shortcut that what is google adsense and how does it work?

What is Google AdSense and how does it work?
Friends, if we talk in less words, then AdSense is a product of Google, using which we can show ads of any company on our website or blog and what kind of ads will come on our blog, it is decided by google itself but if If you use keywords in your post, then it is possible that you will get to see ads related to that keywords in your website.

There are two ways people work in AdSense and google is between them. People who give ads about their company or their product are called advertisers and those who show ads on their blogs are called publishers. Now the deal between these two is google.

Now the work of transacting money between the advertiser and the publisher is called adsense. So in this way we earn money online by using adsense. I hope now you have understood well what Adsense is and how it works. So let us now know how to use Adsense?

How to use Google AdSense?

1 Never break the rules of Google AdSense

When you got your AdSense account approved, you must have understood very well how difficult it is to get an AdSense account approved on any blog? The biggest reason behind this is the rules of Adsense. And I think it should also happen because the one who gives more than 50 percent of his income to his publisher, then it should be according to the rules. But many people do not understand this and in the end, the result is that their AdSense account gets closed.

So first of all, you should also understand that if you want to use the AdSense account for a long time, then never do such a thing that Adsense does not like, otherwise, your Adsense account will be closed without any prior notice. |

And once the adsense account is closed it means that adsense account can never be created from that domain if adsense has banned it. If your adsense has just been approved, then first of all you should read the new rules of adsense, after that login adsense and think about making online income.

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2 Clicking on your Ads means Guaranteed to Ban AdSense Account

If you are a new user, then the sooner you understand this, the better it is, otherwise, it should not happen that when your account gets banned, then you realize this mistake.

Let me tell you one thing – most of the people who click on their ads do not earn more money than AdSense or those people who are new in blogging. So let me tell you that even if your AdSense account has just been approved, it does not mean that you will start earning thousands of rupees as soon as you place AdSense ads, so always be patient and try to have good traffic on your blog.

When good traffic will come, then you will not need to click on your ads. If you do not have good traffic, then I would advise you that you should not put AdSense ads on your blog. Because if you will place ads and when you will not earn at all, then only you will click on your ads.

By clicking on your own ads, it simply means that Google has to find out and no one can save your account from being disabled, so whether you earn or not, you will never click on your ads.

3 Never make money in ShortCut with Google AdSense

Google is a very big company and it knows what you do on google and if you want to check your activity done on google then you can do it by clicking here. so you



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