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Will Hindi blogging beat English blogging in the future?

Will Hindi blogging beat English blogging in the future?

The arrival of new bloggers and making a Hindi blog and then leaving blogging has become very common in today’s time. Whenever a new Hindi blogger leaves blogging, he gives various reasons why he quit blogging. One of those arguments has become very popular and that is that blogging cannot happen in Hindi language, and then either those people leave blogging completely or they get attracted towards blogging in English language.

If we talk about facts, Hindi is the second largest language used on the internet. Despite being such a big language, only 0.04% of blogs on the Internet are available in Hindi, whereas English has a very high user base on the Internet and it is in the first place and 54% of blogs have been made for these users.
This means that Hindi blogs remain non-existent on the Internet and there are thousands of such topics on which no one has blogged till date or has never thought about it. But still many Hindi bloggers feel that there is no use of blogging in Hindi.

Will Hindi blogging beat English blogging in the future?
Will Hindi blogging beat English blogging in the future?

In this article, we are going to talk on this topic that why some Hindi bloggers are afraid that the future of Hindi blogging is not bright and why earning money from Hindi blogging is becoming difficult.

Why are Hindi bloggers thinking like this?

One thing is certain that the future of Hindi blogging is bright, but still why are Hindi bloggers thinking that there is no future in it, the main reason for this is something like this.

Creating blogs only on limited topics This issue is very much seen in Hindi blogging that almost every fourth or fifth blogger is working on the same topic. The most favorite topic of Hindi bloggers is ‘Blogging and SEO’. When a new blogger creates a blog in Hindi, he may initially talk on a different topic, but in a few months his topic also becomes ‘Blogging and SEO’.

Limiting themselves – The main reason why Hindi bloggers do not get success is that they limit themselves, there are many such topics on the Internet on which blogs have not been created. If we take the example of the subject of digital marketing, then only 2-4 topics are talked about on Hindi blogs, but other topics are not talked about like – advertising, marketing, content marketing, social media marketing, Pay Per Click (PPC), Native Advertising, Marketing Automation, Email Marketing, Online PR, Inbound Marketing, Sponsored Content and if these topics are talked about then negligible.

Do not use anything new – Hindi bloggers use something new very rarely like there will be hardly any Hindi blogger who has created a micro-niche blog because he believes that micro-niche can start only in the English language.

A Hindi blogger feels that micro topics are only in the English language, whereas it is not so. For example, micro niche blog is needed to make it, but on those topics which have value in Hindi language like – ncert, you will find many blogs on this topic but there will be hardly any blog which is made only on the subject of NCERT history or on any other subject.

Similarly, there are thousands of such topics about which Hindi bloggers do not even think like – if a Hindi blogger is making a traveling website, then he will write about famous places around the world but not even one famous place in his district. Won’t write about In the same way, if someone makes a website on the government’s plan topic, then he will talk about the government schemes of the whole of India but not of his state, whereas he can take traffic in lakhs every month by writing only on the government schemes of his state, or only By creating a blog on the same plan.

Giving up early – Hindi bloggers give up quickly and the main reason for this is that they want to earn money quickly, make a blog today, take Adsense after 5 days and earn millions in the same month. I have said this sentence on the basis of facts, you find many such people on Facebook.

Apart from this, there are many such reasons due to which Hindi bloggers are not able to succeed and they start thinking that the future of Hindi blogging is not bright or cannot be successful in it, while it is not so.

Will Hindi blogging beat English blogging in future?

The answer is probably yes – because the number of people who speak and read Hindi on the Internet is increasing day by day. There are many such news portals in the Hindi language, on which perhaps crores of visitors come every month. Apart from these news portals, there are many such blogs whose monthly traffic is in millions.

And the future of Hindi blogging also depends on the bloggers whether they work in this language continuously or not. There are many such topics on the Internet which can only be read, very few people see them in videos like any job website. Very few people trust the people working on the job topic on YouTube because half the information on YouTube is wrong, so they take the help of news blogs or other blogs. .

Overall, the future of Hindi blogging is bright and it can beat the English language as well, just if there is a need for Hindi bloggers to work properly. If all the Hindi bloggers start choosing the topic correctly and except those one or two topics (blogging, SEO) focus on other topics, then there will be many new topics for them.



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